Friday, September 27, 2013

contributor or commentator

I was super challenged today when I came across a little description of a book that is for sale.  They asked the question, are you a contributor or a commentator?

As a commentator you are quick to point out everything that's wrong with the your life.  You may criticize your job, your spouse, your kids teachers, your church, our government, what you have compared to someone else....

But as a contributor you agree to partner with God to make a difference, to BE different, to change.

I easily fall into commentator, especially with some of my friends.  Not gossiping about others but just giving reports on how bad things are around us.  boo hoo hoo !

Contributor - that's what I want to be known for.  Solutions to problems not part of the problem!  What a great challenge to all of us.  Look at your conversation today - which one are you?

It's funny how a small phrase that catches my eye can shape my day when I offer what I find to God.

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