Monday, September 9, 2013

my day off and Beth Moore

The past few weeks I've been preparing the details for the Beth Moore Live Simulcast that will take place at Crossroads this weekend.  Ladies, please come!!  It will be an amazing day of learning and fellowship!  

It's ironic I am overseeing this event...

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a fan of 'women's ministry'...

I've been in church since I was 2 weeks old and I have yet to experience a healthy women's ministry.  The ministries I've tried to be supportive of in the past have all been engulfed in gossip, constant prayer requests that often ended up being gripes against their husbands, and for the most part the ministries I have attended seemed to attract the girls that were just over-all very needy.  I believe that women need one another, but I haven't seen this satisfied in this type of setting despite the fact that I really, really wanted to see a successful group at the ministries in which I've been involved.

I tell you this to explain why I have spent time organizing the Beth Moore Simulcast that will be at Crossroads this weekend.  It will be worth your time!  I encourage you ladies, please invest the $20 it costs to come for the whole day - it's not only an event that will personally encourage you and spiritually challenge you - it's also a launching pad for ongoing connection to the ladies of Crossroads and in the Mansfield area.

Women NEED one another, regardless of what my experience has been I know this for sure.  This one-day simulcast creates a safe place where women can come and connect, and in fact a place where we'll be announcing the ongoing Bible Study groups that will also launch next week for the women of Crossroads (and in our community).

Jean Sloan and Carol Harris are the teachers of our Ladies Bible studies and they are AMAZING!!

I was recently asked again why we don't have a women's ministry at Crossroads and it's simple - we would if the right leader stepped forward AND we were convinced that it was the best way to help ladies spiritually mature and connect.  Right now, we believe these Bible studies along with quality special events are the best way!  So please, stop and talk to Jean and Carol Saturday, they'll be handing out flyers about their classes in Town Square - become part of the Crossroads' way of connecting ladies!

I'll look forward to seeing you at the event Saturday!   You can buy tickets by going to to help us determine how many will be attending, or just buy them at the door.

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