Tuesday, September 3, 2013

what I learned today

I have opportunity to dabble in some pretty important things from time to time.

Ministry is an eternal business, no room for error.  Constant attention and bringing your best required.  Believe me, that doesn't mean I don't make tons of mistakes!

Today I was reminded outside the complexity of people and eternal decisions I relish simplicity.  In fact I long for it.

This morning was simple and I feel more fulfilled than important things have made me feel recently.

I walked dogs.
Did laundry.
Hung clothes out to dry.
Put a roast in the oven to slowly cook all day.
Filled bird feeders.
Swept the deck.
Prepared potatoes to be added later.
Got ironing done and put away.
Re-arranged some things that have been annoying me.
Washed a few outside windows that have been sporting cobwebs for quite some time.

I hope it means my head and heart are in the right place when I can take so much satisfaction from regular stuff.

It is in simplicity that I found focus on thankfulness for God's provision and blessings this morning.  And I get to stay there the rest of today!

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