Sunday, September 8, 2013

weekend report

This weekend is exciting on several levels!

First, we're in the middle of an irrational fear series - so good.

Secondly, our dear friend and co-worker Deering Dyer is marrying Jen Frye after the services today!  Deering's story is amazing - we all loved his first wife Jean who we suddenly lost a couple of years ago when she passed away.  But our God is so generous and He is the Almighty Healer...  and now we've all fallen in love with the beautiful Christ-loving woman- Deering's fiancĂ© Jen!  So our weekend is a celebration of God's generosity and care!

Our setlist:

Announcements on video

As We Pray
God Is With Us Now
Lay Me Down
In Christ Alone
The Whole Earth

Message:  Irrational Feat Pt. 2

Exit Song- Whole Earth

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