Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what I learned today

Getting rid of junk is a good thing.

I completely gutted my attic.  Of course no one can understand exactly how overwhelming this was unless you saw what I started with.  Can you say 2 full days?

Every since our daughter got married over a year ago many things have been added to the attic...mostly right inside the door.  23 years of kids toys, school trophies and awards, tons of certificates and then the college books came home..everywhere!

Now I am happy to report that everything in the entire attic has been unpacked, repacked in tubs, labeled and stacked up. I can walk the full length of the attic and find everything!

I completely filled my car twice with trash and sent an entire car load home with my mom for the Ashland Christian School garage what does this have to do with 'what I learned today'?  It feels like I am learning to care less and less about possessions.  I don't want as much.  I want to buy less, own less and not be tied to stuff at all.  Maybe just my age...I would like to believe that my desires have turned more and more toward the Lord and realizing this world has little I value or care about beyond my family, friends and our amazing church family.

Less really does feel like more!

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