Tuesday, October 18, 2011


If one word describes how I have spent a great deal of my life, it is in the role of mediator. I find myself there over and over again.

Mediator - vb. 1.  to intervene (between parties or in a dispute) in order to bring about agreement ...

Now this may sound like I think I'm 'all that' but keep in mind I didn't say I was a good mediator, just a mediator.  A really good mediator would tell it like it is, offer solutions, I mostly offer a sympathetic shoulder and try to figure out how to lead back toward unity and a new commitment to the 'main thing'.

It all started when I grew up the oldest sister to 3 younger siblings - MEDIATOR!

Growing up in a public school setting in the 70's where I most resembled a stick figure walking around wearing long skirts in an era of mini skirt laden teens, I provided lots of fodder for jokes.    I vividly remember the best way to make friends,  was to capitalized on disagreements between them.

I was always aware when a cat fight had happened and in I swooped to be their friend.  Obviously that friendship lasted only as long as the fight did.  Always the listening ear I helped get them through.

Growing up in church required the biggest amount of mediating of all...sadly.  One opinion against another - everyone sure their opinion was the closest one to God.  At times missing the point of being in the Lord's house almost completely.

My church history is what makes me more thankful than I can ever say, for the strong leadership of Crossroads that knows what our mission is, where they feel God is taking us and sticking to the main thing.

Despite this, even the best laid Godly plans involve people and there will always be conflicts and disagreements of that we can be sure.

So,  if God needs me to try to mediate I will, but I long for the day that we can just all abide in Him and be one in Him...

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