Thursday, October 27, 2011

encouraging a friend

I had the chance to spend an hour with a friend this week who I had not been able to connect with for a while.  She is having some family struggles and just needed some encouragement.

It was an easy conversation - just catching up and discussing our jobs and life.  Some relationships are a delight, some continue only out of obligation.  This relationship is a delight!

The whole time she talked I realized how much I value her friendship and how much I would love to spend more time than I do with her.  Old feelings of guilt rose to the surface as I realized how much I need these friend relationships and how often I neglect them.

Running is the word that comes to mind when I look at myself.  What am I running after ...who is running after me trying to catch up, trying to get just a moment of my time?  I don't know because I rarely look back.

I picture Jesus moving slowly.  The crowds often surrounded Him as he moved from place to place.  I cannot think of any passage of scriptures that make it sound as if He hurried anywhere.

I'm going to try it again - I will begin to walk slowly...ok, maybe slow-er ...and maybe even look back.

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