Saturday, October 29, 2011

heading home

Our Cambodian team is heading home right now.

I have missed my hubby very much - cannot wait to see him!

Any time you go away, especially on these type of ministry trips it changes you.  It changed me last year!

So I wonder what changes each of them will come home with?

  • encouraged?
  • excited?
  • more appreciative of what we have here in the states? (that was me! among much more)
  • thankful they got to witness first hand how God has used Crossroads' internationally?
So many ways it can change you.

Really, that word 'change' is what the Christian life is all about.  Constant change - never being satisfied with where we are spiritually, or in our relationships, or with our life in general.  Always moving toward Him - pushing toward the goal - as we head home to be with Him and lay our crowns at His feet...

We are truly all heading home.

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