Sunday, October 9, 2011

a new beginning

Read about our new exciting Crossroadswired - 
by Steve Browning

A New Beginning - Crossroadswired

Today we officially launch our new website, smartphone app and myCrossroads. The combination of these online elements has truly made Crossroads a "wired" community. These changes have been a year in the making and I'm very excited about the possibilities.

For those who have been around awhile, you already know what myCrossroads is...formally known as CCB. You can access myCrossroads from our website. I use it on a daily basis. All of my volunteers are in groups that allow me to communicate with them as a whole. I can see info on individuals or the entire group. I can post links to websites that help with training, upload schedules and much more. By changing the name, we have brought the site into the family of Crossroadswired!

I'm very excited about our new app. Designed by Subsplash, the new app will allow users to view or listen to sermons, check out each of our House Churches in detail, read the Bible in a year and find links to our staff blogs.

Our website has continued to evolve. The new look is upbeat, fresh and better reflects who we are. You can check out every element of who we are as a ministry and can sort through previous sermons by title, series, date, subject and more. Be sure to check it out!

Now, with the trilogy of Crossroadswired, you truly can take Crossroads anywhere, anytime!

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