Wednesday, October 19, 2011

taking for granted

A simple gesture rocked my morning.

I simply reached out to straighten a collar of a friend and as he thanked me he said, "I have no one to do that for me anymore"....

It made me consider those in my life that I take for granted.  I want to be mindful of my minutes with them.  The minutes are as vapor...dissolving quickly into air.

I realized that God has placed every single family member, each friend and acquaintance in my life.  Hand-picked just for me.

Some may be there to bless my life and teach me.
Some may be there because they need me.
Some may be there to care for me and I for them.
Some may be there simply to love me and for me to love them.
Some I find annoying need me to look very deeply to see the why are they in my life.  Will I?

Those that are the most close are often the most taken for granted.  Why?

We assume we have unlimited time.
We get tired and push them away until later.
We feel entitled to arrange our days as we see fit - often not considering their needs at all.

Taking for granted is something I would like to completely remove from my life.  It is precious.  It is short.  And it is a blessing straight from God.  The days we consider bad days for whatever reason are perhaps the greatest blessings of all - they are the days that contain God encounters and lessons should I choose to see them.

No more 'taking for granted' with God's help...

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