Monday, October 24, 2011

my day off

When I woke up today, for some reason the idea of our bodies being the 'temple of the Holy Spirit' was on my mind.

Some Christian young adults I had talked to recently said they were going to see a movie that I personally would have chosen not to see.  This made me wonder once again - how easy it is for the world to see the difference between people who profess to know the Lord and those that are lost.

Just a few minutes after I woke up pondering these things,  I got on line to see what Pastor Tim and crew were up to in Cambodia and found these pictures.  They were literally inside the temple.

Inside the monastery.

How amazing that God had this divine appointment already set up when the team headed for Cambodia.  These men live set apart, caring for their temple.  They are in a way - prisoners to this place because of their vows to live this way.  Set apart.

How different the freedom Christ gives us when we are in relationship with Him.  And yet most of the time we don't live as if WE are HIS temple.  Just as these men protect and worship idols, we have our own temples full of idols daily.

We watch whatever is on TV without discretion, we read whatever we want without discretion, we fill our minds with the violence of very realistic video games and music as if we are free to do whatever we please with our day.

We, like these dedicated men made a vow.  A vow to let Jesus fill our lives and body with His presence, to live as if we exist only for him.  Do we?  Do I?

Are we really so different from these men who fill their lives with false things - temporary things?

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