Saturday, August 27, 2011

when you bother me

When something about you bothers me - I need to take a hard long look at me - before bothering you.

I saw this statement on a blog recently and it really caused me to take a hard look at myself.

I recently told my husband that I feel as if I've become really critical lately.  I hate being that way!  I have spent time recently evaluating what causes that in me.  Jealousy?  Criticizing others in order to make myself look better?  Trying to make myself feel better about my own short comings or lack of discipline?

When I saw the above statement I realized that usually what I criticize in others truly is something I don't like about myself.  Or, at least something that is 'worse' about them then what I think is wrong in my life.

The tongue is truly 'sharper than a two edged sword'!  Think how sharp that is and how much damage that does.

Those of you who claim that Jesus is Lord of your life, do you talk like He is?

If people could hear how you talk behind their backs would they be convinced you really know Him ?

There are days they would have no idea that I am a child of the King if they heard what I say in private.  That bothers me about myself. 

 Today I ask God to just bring this writing to my mind whenever I slip back into this horrible sin.  Will you join me in living for the Lord even in private?

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