Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a recent reunion

Reunion - 1. An instance of two or more people coming together again after separation.
2. A social gathering attended by members of a certain group of people who have not seen each other for some time

We all can only build into a limited number of people in our life.  We are with some people daily and with others only very occasionally.  Such was the case recently when my fathers' side of the family got together for our yearly reunion.  Some of my cousins I feel I know well even though I only see them  occasionally, nieces and nephews are beginning families of their own.  This is making it more and more difficult to feel connected with one another's lives.  

(These beautiful children make me want to stay connected to my cousins.  Second generation relatives)!

I realize chances are high that my own children will not know their relatives in the not so distant future.

Because people move about so freely from place to place and job to job very few are connected any longer.  This is kind of sad however, if ministry has taught me one thing it is that you can only be truly connected to a very small inner circle.  And slightly connected to an outer circle.  This removes a lot of pressure to be all things to all people.  

I have encouraged our own children to care for a few close friends and relatives well, and be open to minister to others God brings across your path - but NEVER let the enemy make you bare the guilt of not being all things to all people.  This is impossible!

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