Monday, August 8, 2011

my day off

Creative juices flowing today...well, at least as long as the money lasted!

I am still trying to get my house put back together after getting long overdue carpeting.  We still are waiting for several pieces we ordered - still cannot find any contemporary end table/coffee tables that we like.  To continue my search I went to an antique store and a second hand store that I had never been to before!  Oh my goodness  - I had SO much fun browsing and searching for retro-contemporary among the old.

I found a chair I loved (needs some repair work) for my desk.  Then lots of smaller accent pieces.  Here is one of my favorites!

There is NOTHING I like more than trying to imagine how I would use things - where I would place things and most importantly - will my husband let me keep these things??  I took home a bunch of different things and he liked all but 2 - so I felt like it was a search well worth while.

I've talked about it before - I would have LOVED to attend some sort of design school but never did - nevertheless that love for design and searching for just the right things is always with me.  It is a weird hunger that I have never been able to satisfy or really exercise very often, but this re-do has given me a chance to hunt - and that I love!

Tonight I also began work on the next set design for the church - cheap and interesting...hmmmm.

Anyway it was a great day off - found a few treasures and now will continue just a little longer on-line.

What gets your creative juices flowing?

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