Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Unexpected things interrupt.

We think we know how we will spend our evening.  We look forward to what we think we will do, all day long.  We move into our evening and the interruption comes.  The unexpected.

My husband and I both commented today on how we couldn't remember the last time we were not busy in the evening.  So we headed to a nearby restaurant just to have a bowl of soup and relax.

The phone rang with the unexpected.

To the hospital we rushed.  A child from church had nearly removed the last digit of her tiny finger in a closed door.  We were privileged to be with them.

You never know - we cannot know what comes next.

The only legitimate question is 'what" will call us out of our plans.

This life is not our own, I learn that more every single day.  If you can view it that way, if we can lay it at His feet.  Then there is no expected.  

His love is the only uninterrupted thing we can know.  And that is enough.

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