Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the other 3 fingers

Who does unforgiveness hurt? The person that is unforgiving and no one else.

That's me.

I recently have discovered that I was harboring an unwillingness to forgive.  Guess what?  The people that had offended me had no clue and had lost no sleep over it!

My unwillingness to forgive was creating in me a mean spirit - a desire for retaliation.  I found myself wishing I had opportunity to tell them what I thought of their behavior - not toward me but toward the body of Christ.  God can handle it without my help.  Like our Sunday School teacher used to say, "when you start pointing your finger look at who the other 3 fingers are pointing back to, YOU!"  I am usually part of the problem!

That is why God tells us to forgive.  So that our souls are free to worship and harbor no dark area of disobedience.  That is after all what unforgiveness is - disobedience.

I always assumed that teaching was for the benefit of those I forgave - an arrogant thought indeed!  No, the forgiveness heals me, not them.

Funny how God's principles work that way!

I am His daughter - I desire to serve only Him... I must forgive others.

I only have to take a close look at what the other 3 fingers point out in my own life to realize that I need to  ask for forgiveness in my evaluation of how others live and treat me.

Who do you need to forgive right now?  You cannot fully worship the perfect Savior until you do.

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