Thursday, August 18, 2011

my empty living room

We have been searching for a couple pieces of new furniture.  That is not always a fun project, but, because there is no specific time frame for completion - I'm having a blast!  Ok well, part of the fun is that each time we go searching we just have to eat out - a real disappointment but I'm holding up so far!

These days there are are no kids lounging with laptops or pets lounging on kids in my living room.  No food on tables and counters  (and floors) and no need to even run the vacuum cleaner very often. These days are different days.  Slower days - empty living room days.

In these quiet slower days I pay attention more, watch TV less, read and enjoy my husband.

My living room may be empty but my heart is full of memories, future possibilities and God's love and a deep sense of thankfulness.

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