Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend report

Ministry begins early each weekend at Crossroads.  These area some of my favorite people at Crossroads.  We lovingly refer to them as the Breakfast Club.  We push cafe tables together for them each Sunday morning knowing they will be the first to arrive.  I believe fellowship is one of the most important aspects of ministry and these friends portray it beautifully!

It was great to have Pastor Tim back from study leave this weekend, as I write this I can hear our congregation laughing at his jokes and applicable teaching - worship was sweet and teaching was strong!  Very thankful for our ministry!

Our setlist:

Opening Song:  Let Your Glory Shine - Brewster
Announcement Video:  Natalie Mangette
Praise:  All My Fountains - Tomlin
Praise:  Everyday-  Hillsong
Praise:  Holy Is The Lord - Tomlin
Message:  I Corinthians 13:  Love Unveiled - Pt. 1 - Tim Armstrong
Ending Song:  Stay Amazed - Gateway

To watch our services on line go to Crossroads Community Church.

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Have a blessed week!


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to do "All Your Fountains" for some time! Does the congregation like it?

Lori Biddle said...

Yes - we introduced it last weekend using our Youth Band and they really had the congregations attention with this song. This weekend people seemed to sing as if they already knew it!

I hope you do introduce it - I think they'll like it!

Adam Ranck said...

I must ask, how do you do the Lincoln Brewster song? It's a grooving song, but the recording is intense. Do you switch it up a lot? Do you keep all the instrumentals in?

Lori Biddle said...

Sorry so late responding to you Adam - I just returned from Boston where the internet was down! So...ok, the Brewster song...

We are trying to determine whether it is singable by our congregation. Meantime, we used it as an opening performance while people came into the auditorium.

Our worship leader that day is an accomplished musician and played pretty close to the original. We tried as much as we could to keep the instruments in but you should email Milo our worship guy and he could give you the specifics! Glad to hear from you!

Have a great weekend!

Adam Ranck said...

No problem Lori. I hope you enjoyed Boston! That must of been fun.

It's cool to see how you are introducing it to the people while waiting to see if it'll work. The greatest challenge I always had with Brewster's songs are they are often very performance oriented and not always so congregational friendly.

Either way, I hope it serves your people as you use it and then decide to keep it or not in the future. I sent Milo a quick question just to get his thoughts. Thanks for the contact.

Have a great weekend!