Tuesday, July 26, 2011

taken out

This morning I am watching years of slumber party stains, marks from Sharpies excitedly creating posters advertising band concerts or Student Council campaigns, snagged threads of berber pulled by boy belt buckles as they wake in the morning after a short nights stay on the floor or our living room - be torn up and discarded...all remnants of years gone by.  Good - noisy years.

In a matter of a couple more hours, fresh - long awaited carpeting will fill several areas of our home.  I am very thankful yet sadly nostalgic as I watch these pieces of my family's life being carried out the door.

Then I remember.  God's entire message to us, is constantly involving 'new things' or changes.  Once man corrupted the earth all focus turned to new things.  Getting rid of the old. Giving us a way to Him through Jesus' sacrifice.

It's no surprise that the normal in our lives is change.  Moving toward the end of our lives, toward eternity with Him.  The choice we have is how we live this very short time here on earth.  Being nostalgic about things we have enjoyed here is certainly not wrong - but looking forward to what He has next for us, the ultimate goal is more right.

In Isaiah He speaks strongly about how temporary this life and earth are...perspective returns when we realize His plans are in place and we benefit in ways we don't understand .

Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or even come to mind.   Isaiah 65:17

To picture in my finite mind these words being spoken by God almighty was VERY moving to me today!  How Great is Our God!!

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Arnie Clawson said...

If I were a serious person, I'd say the old carpet is like our lives before Christ comes and takes away the old stains and imperfections then comes into our hears and makes us new and clean.

But since I'm not a serious person, I'll say watch out... cause we're going to trash that fancy new carpet during the picnic on Sunday!!!