Monday, July 18, 2011

My day off

Finally another long awaited morning that begins on my deck.

I worked early into this morning before sleeping - simply to empty my thoughts. My final discovery of the early morning was a lunch in Cinn Next week for church creatives - sweet...connection, isn't that what we all seek?

After being with Crossroads for the past 15 years it is what I see people looking for the most. Many who come to the church already in relationship with the Lord just want people to do life with. The news and our culture is so negative toward the things of the Lord we feel like misfits we should. This is certainly is not our home we truly are 'just passing through' . But God created us for community and that creates an urgency within us to bring others along with us and to not only have friends here, but for eternity!

There is a place deep in our soul that is unique just to us. It is a place that God created that only obedience to Him can fulfill - and that obedience includes serving in the area we are talented in and as Pastor Tim has been teaching us - we were created to use our God given spiritual giftedness.

There are things in this life that only you can accomplish because of your uniqueness. Think about that for a moment, the God of the universe made you exactly like he wanted you. Don't question what you perceive to be weakness, let Him use that weakness to glorify himself! If your were strong and perfect in others eyes - it would bring glory to no one but you!

Besides accomplishing what He intends when we serve, when you serve in the Body of Christ, your longing for connection is also fulfilled. Amazing how that works!

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