Saturday, July 9, 2011

my heart is in Asia

We received pictures yesterday of the newest 7 orphans rescued in Cambodia.

When I looked at those sad faces, I had to wonder what they must be thinking.  They had to be terrified to be taken away from what they know, even if it was horrible.  Were they wondering what was going to happen next, who was going to hurt them next or if they would ever be loved?  Or do they spend every day just trying to survive.  I don't know...

One thing I do know is this,  in a few months from now their countenance will completely change.  The look of distrust, neglect and worry will be completely absent from their faces.  It will be replaced with thankfulness and confidence that there will be a next meal and arms to hold them as they are loved and raised to know the Lord.

God changes things and God certainly changes people - these children are precious to Him and their lives just changed forever.

These are just the first 6 children rescued that will fill the BB7 orphanage that Crossroads is building.  We will be able to save 18 more to fill this orphanage giving opportunity for interested families to sponsor these children.

Pray for our leaders in Cambodia as they search for the special children that God wants them to rescue and as they try to carefully follow all the steps required to make these adoptions official and final!  We are eternally blessed to be given this kind of opportunity to save these little ones!

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