Thursday, July 14, 2011

creatively tired

For periods of time I feel full of creative energy and am anxious to work and begin new things.

Then for periods of time I feel stuck, as if there is nothing new under the sun and am unable to complete new things.  I hate this place.

I am somewhere in between right now.  Sitting on the edge of some new exciting additions to our ministry if God opens the door.  Yet - stuck in a place where my soul needs to be creatively fed and not sure how to facilitate the feeding.

Sometimes it is nothing more than becoming overwhelmed with the minutia of administrative requirements, other times it is just fatigue in the rush to complete more.

So I asked myself - if I could drop all responsibility and do anything I wanted what would I do?

I would learn how to work with cement, pottery and tile and make the projects I have been hoping to make.

I would take additional interior design classes.

I would attend a couple of creative conferences that were not directly related to my job.

I would spend more time at home then away from home.

I would throw all my 'old favorite' recipes away and cook all brand new recipes.

I would write a book and get it published.

I would walk on a beach more often.

....I better get started.

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