Monday, July 11, 2011

my day off

Have you ever looked around and realized that everything in your entire house is breaking down and needs replacing or major work...that is where I find myself.  Many things are just plain worn out!  So...we began our day by getting our home power-washed (on the outside!).  Being located in a semi wooded setting lends itself to our house getting covered with green nasty-moldy looking gunk.  So that was all washed away today just as a huge thunderstorm came rolling in.

Next I placed the phone call to schedule new carpeting.  Can you say 15 years of stains!  This was revealed in all of its glory this weekend as we donated furniture to our son's future apartment where his fiance moved in. As the furniture left the room, huge areas of stains were revealed!

After that we headed to figure out what to do about my broken down dryer.

Anyway, I am VERY thankful that our home and it's contents have lasted through small children becoming grown, endless bands spending the night and many, many, many parties with countless feet walking on carpets, sitting on couches and sleeping in beds and anywhere else they could find space to lay down.

These new things will be greatly enjoyed, but the era gone by that they represent bring reflection and mixed feelings.  If given the choice between rooms filled with laughter and music vs brand new things, I would choose the sounds of my kids voices and crazy laughter at dumb 'dad' jokes and continuous eating and grinding crumbs on the floor into the carpets.

I guess in one way I am more thankful than I can ever say for the stains on my carpets...

ok, ok...I am also thankful for new things and excited about our future - whatever God has in mind!

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