Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Is it wrong to deeply love the things of this earth?

Because I do.

I love my family - it consumes me.  I love my work - it consumes me.  I love the church - it consumes me.

Can I honestly say the Lord consumes me?  If He does, what does that look like?  I certainly don't do all the things I was taught to do - I miss spending time with Him often, I rarely pray without ceasing, my heart and motives are often not pure before Him, even my love and care for others is no where close to what I think He wants.

So how - while on the earth do I give Him the place in my life that He requires?  Does it take a catastrophe to push me to Him completely - to eliminate my self-reliance?  I pray not.

I do long for Him...my soul aches for Him - so is the journey toward Him or back to Him where we meet what He requires and where the fellowship occurs while on earth?  So pathetic in comparison to what He's done for me - how little I have to offer...yet it is all He requires.

His love for me makes no sense whatsoever...

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