Tuesday, April 26, 2011

what I learned today

Today I was preparing to lead a single young woman's group - the study was about how to become a woman of security.

As I have said numerous times before - I always learn more than the girls do.

The author said this, "Insecurity keeps a woman from experiencing consistent joy even within a relationship because a man cannot provide security, only God can."

I certainly looked for security from my marriage in the sense of a life long relationship, I hope I never expected my husband to be responsible for my personal security.  As I continue to mature in Christ it has given me the confidence I need to fulfill my calling, even when I am not sure I can do something.  Because the opposite of trying is always worse than failing.

I feel sorry for some of my brothers in Christ.  Some of the insecure woman, even Christian woman I know that are constantly needy, are such a drain on the relationship.

Guys have told me over the years there is nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident, not bossy, confident. Big difference.

It was a good reminder today as I read that the ONLY consistent joy we will ever experience here on earth, is through an obedient relationship with God.  Not man, not career, not children or wealth - all of these things pass away...

Security and confidence are attractive to all those around me, so even when I feel very uncertain I need to obediently step out and try.  And realize that even failure teaches.

I am curious if any of you struggle with insecurity?  Care to share?

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