Saturday, April 30, 2011

celebrating together

Tonight was our first of 3 weekend services here at Crossroads- just like always.

Tonight was also the night Pastor Tim made the first announcement about our orphanage campaign total amount.

I could hardly wait to reveal it!  During rehearsal when we sound checked the video where Pastor Tim announced the total, we stopped it just short of revealing the final amount.  The gasps and complaints from our tech teams and praise team could be heard across the auditorium!  So fun!

I won't reveal the amount tonight because our Sunday attendees have not yet heard - but to celebrate together in song following the announcement was nothing short of a little taste of heaven!

It dawned on me, if we celebrate this much for this accomplishment - how will eternity be?  Loud praising and singing and worshiping forever - think of it!!!  I cannot wait - truly!  Can you imagine each day being filled with His presence?  We will become so overwhelmed each time we are with Him that we will break into praise and worship, we will raise our voices as one massive choir...we will praise him shoulder to shoulder with our Cambodian brothers and sisters.  And they will bring with them those they have lead to the Lord - and our little Crossroads congregation will know their investment is eternally significant.

Until then - dwell in unity Crossroads - behind the common cause of being light in a dark, dark land.  And I speak of the US as well as Cambodia when I say that.  God is good - and we have witnessed a supernatural movement of His spirit within our people.  I love it here...

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