Thursday, April 28, 2011

packing lunches

I love packing lunches...

For me, packed lunches conjure up all kinds of really good memories.

My mom used to pack our school lunches with all kinds of home made treats!  I loved opening my lunch each day to see what she packed just for me.  I also remember how very important the lunch box itself was.  It had to be just the right one - an extremely important part of every back to school shopping trip!

Another memory associated with packed lunches was connected to 4H.  We were taught how to pack a balanced lunch, how to wrap our sandwiches properly - at that ancient time we used waxed paper.  We then took our packed lunch and sat across from a judge who graded our lunch.  I got outstanding ratings each time (my mom was the perfect teacher, it was almost like cheating)!

I also remember many fabulous picnic lunches as a family growing up.  Nights at the ballpark - days at the swimming pool and of course the amazing memories of Cedar Point - packing so we could enjoy home cooking even away from home.

And as any important memory requires, the passing down of traditions to our own children.

We packed lunches for school, for soccer games and for many summer family reunions.  Each family packed their specialty to share with cousins amid competitive sack races and softball games.

And still I find packing lunches sends a special 'I love you' along with our kids and their friends.  Recently packing lunches occurred for a return trip to Boston and now on an ongoing basis I pack once again for our son as he heads out to work each morning.  (He would pack it himself, but, I insist)

Packed lunches - I love making them and giving them,  a small token of my love!

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