Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what I learned today

As I read today I came across the idea that perhaps one of the most telling signs of an Authentic Child of God - someone who has REALLY,  REALLY known the riches of God - is they cannot hoard it - cannot keep it to themselves.  Convicting.

Is my mind and soul so full of HIM that I cannot be silenced?  I don't know.

I'm surrounded by the church and all the believers I love so much.  Easy to talk about the things of God there.  But outside...I don't know.

My occasions to rub shoulder with those outside the church sadly have become more limited  now that my kids are gone. They are the great evangelists - I was never sure who they would bring home with them.  They showed love and compassion to all.  They busted into my safe little world with very lost kids many times and that is what I am the most proud of them for - they find opportunity to witness constantly.

So - are we affected by the one we call Savior?  Does He permeate every part of us so much that we just cannot keep silent?

I want to live that way where God has placed me, I really do.

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