Thursday, April 7, 2011

the email says it all...

It is very hard to adequately communicate the 'hands on' involvement you get to have with the  orphans when you partner with Asia's Hope as Crossroads does.  So many wonderful organizations exist that do great work - but it just cannot be very personal from way across the world.  Oh but it can be  personal!

This little email I received today from Channa - in the picture on the right - well, this says it all!  It is VERY personal!

Hello mom,

I am very happy to hear back from you! I am praying hard for you to come back in August! Please let me know if we can skype with you. You are a wonderful Mother. I think you are blessed to have Joci as your daughter- she is a wonderful Godly woman!

I am very blessed to be part of your family! Please tell daddy Ron that i say hello and miss him.

I love you and am praying for you!

Daughter Channa

She is indeed my daughter, just as Seng hong is on the left, the precious daughter we have the privilege of supporting!   - We love them and I'm saving my pennies to go back as soon as I possibly can! 

You can help support a child that needs you desperately - a child that with your help can be taught about Jesus and educated to care for themselves and their children in the future.  

Please ask the Lord what He wants your family to do as we prepare to give our offerings on Easter weekend to help build this orphanage!  Bring your offering to Crossroads on Easter or donate now to "Help Crossroads Build an Orphanage"

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