Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what I learned today

I learned to let go - Savorn and Sony the Director's in Cambodia for Asia's Hope - said goodbye today.  Tears again...

These precious leaders have touched me deeply as I have previously talked about.  There is something so Supernaturally Authentic about the that I hang on every word they say and I care about everything they ask for - for the orphans.

This weekend God will move our congregation to a place we've never been.  With the brothers and sisters God has placed with me at Crossroads we will be obedient and follow His leading to help provide the way for these children to know the Lord and be equipped in every way to change Cambodia.

Please pray for Savorn this week, he is very nervous about passing his exams to be ordained as a Pastor while here in the states.  Such a man of God...

You can watch Savorn talk with Pastor Tim during last weekend's services by going to www.crossroadswired.com


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