Thursday, April 14, 2011

not a minute to think

I have literally not had one minute to even think about writing.  This week has been equal to the amount of details usually reserved for the week of Easter.  We are hosting Savorn Ou, the Country Director of Cambodia with Asia's Hope  and the Executive Director, John McCollum.  We are prepared as a congregation to partner with Asia's Hope in a way we have never done before.  This is about to get amazing!  There is a buzz here at Crossroads that is infectious.

As I sit in my office writing before I go hang the Silent Auction, I here the praise team singing "Oh the Blood ", SO moving I can hardly concentrate.

You will definitely want to be at Crossroads the next 3 will be very glad you came and very blessed!

As the weekend develops I will put up pictures and details - now I must go to finish preparing.  May God richly bless your night and I hope to see you at Crossroads this weekend!

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