Monday, April 25, 2011

my day off

This has been a tremendous day!

An impromptu meeting with Pastor Tim and several others to discuss the details regarding our offering for Cambodia this past weekend.

A meeting right after at the Carousel Works to discuss final details about their open house in a couple weeks. (you can buy tickets in advance at the link above)

Late breakfast with hubby and son.

Then home and an hour long phone conversation with my daughter!

In reflecting about the weekend services here are three things out of many that I am very thankful for:

#1  Based on the congregation's response, they got it!

When you plan services it is very hard to judge if creative ideas will transfer into understanding.  And ideas that do not lead people toward understanding are pointless.

#2  There is great evidence of maturity within our congregation

The fact that the general giving was where it needed to be from a budget standpoint ON TOP OF the sacrificial giving toward the orphanage, proves our congregation is maturing in their personal walk with the Lord.

#3  I have never been more proud of our pastor

 Tim is like a younger brother to me.  I spent time with his older sister at their home when we were all still in school.  (He was often hanging upside down swinging from a tree or something when I was around).  Anyway, the pride I feel at the wisdom in the timing of this project cannot adequately be described.   I don't wait well at all, especially when I am passionate about something!

 Instead of rushing ahead too soon we waited and now you can just feel the Holy Spirit at Crossroads filling our people with an excitement I haven't seen often.  I cannot wait to fully see what God's obedient people gave to save these orphans!

Thank you all so much for giving and if you were not able to be with us this past weekend please watch our service so you are fully aware of all that went on!

Oh and - it's not to late to give!

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