Thursday, February 10, 2011

what would you say

On the radio today I heard the following question asked, "Why do you believe in Jesus and not in another religion?"

So what would you say?

I heard things like, "He's the only one that rose from the dead" ...the problem is, they don't believe that He did, they think it's just a story.

Another caller, "I would just take them to the scripture and prove that God is real and Jesus is alive"...the problem is, they think your book is just a religious book like the book they follow.

An interesting answer was, "it's the only religion where God reached down to man giving the gift of Jesus freely, all other religions are religions of spending your whole life trying to be good enough, reaching up, following requirements and ultimately 'earning' your way in"...the problem with other religions is where is the magic line you finally cross that says you are good enough?

I remember a pastor teaching once that the only thing NO ONE can argue with is your personal testimony of how Christ has changed your life.

The religions that require 'works' work to reach good enough from the time they can walk until the day they die, never reaching a point of 'life change' like only Jesus offers us. That is why how we live our lives is so important, they truly are the only glimpse of the Lord that some people ever see.

So...what would you say - how do you defend your faith when challenged to explain or witness to someone who is far from being a believer in the one and only God?

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