Monday, February 21, 2011


We recently bought a gift for our daughter - a new coffee maker with a thermal pot instead of one that sits on the burner.

Much to our dismay when she took it out of the box and fired it up - it leaked out of the bottom! Water just came pouring out! What we thought was going to be an amazing gift turned out to be SUCH a disappointment!

A leaking pot basically makes it totally worthless. Have you ever given something intended to be a great gift only to find out it was not what you thought it was? Good intentions gone bad?

Good intentions are not enough, I have good intentions about a lot of things in my life. But without action behind the intention it means nothing. Action - seriously, I feel challenged on a lot of levels by the people in my life recently.

My son and I recently talked for hours about the future, about life and about his desire to know the Lord more intimately. One thing he said has made me think a lot. He said, "I often think about the fact that in the days of Noah, his family was the only family that was 'good' in the eyes of the Lord." He went on to say, "I often wonder how many people that think they are believers will be surprised to know they are not acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. 'Depart from me for I never knew you'."

My intention is to become someone whose actions speak WAY louder than intentions or words. I have become way too complacent in my walk with the Lord. Are you full of good intentions?

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