Friday, February 4, 2011

are you passionate?

Is there anything in your life that you are passionate about? I hope so, especially if you are a child of God.

God's love for us should fill us with passion about serving Him, loving Him and living for Him.

Passion: a strong feeling, powerful emotion or boundless enthusiasm

My passion is at it's peak when I get to be creative in anyway for Him. Creating services, leading artists of any kind, writing or brainstorming with others about what might be.

Rory Noland writes, 'The psalmist compares his enthusiasm for God to that of an eager writer ready to express the desire of his heart. "My tongue is the pen of a skillful writer" (Psalm 45:1)

What are you passionate about? Can others see a passion in your life that points them toward God - something that they cannot find in the world?

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Unknown said...


Music has always been part of my life, whether listening, playing, singing.

In really tough times in my life, it was sometimes a means of prayer/conversation with God when I felt that I wasn't worthy of his listening ear or courageous enough to tell him how angry/hurt I was with my life. It's also been a means to show him just how grateful I am for everything that he has blessed me with.

It has become almost like breathing for me at times, and I'm miserable without it.

Fortunately, I feel like God has gifted me in the area that I'm passionate about. And because he has been SO AMAZINGLY GOOD to me in my life, I have a drive to do whatever I can to become excellent in my passion so that I can provide that prayer/conversation with God for someone else and to help our congregation feel free to worship with their whole hearts.