Tuesday, February 22, 2011

peggy lintern

Peggy was a friend to all who were fortunate enough to cross her path. She cared for all, professionally and personally. She cared for me. She showed her care in my life by serving refreshments at countless soccer games in years gone by, she always asked me how my kids were doing and she also faithfully created the Crossroads Praise team rehearsal packets for the past 13 years as a volunteer. YES, I said 13 years. Faithful describes her life well.

She loved the Lord and everything she did, said and everywhere she went supported that love.

She was unlike many who claim the name of Christ. They claim Him and abandon Him until it's convenient or they need Him. You knew Peggy had a personal relationship with the God of the Universe simply by being around her.

It is hard for us with our limited view of eternity to understand why God would choose to take Peggy so early. I think He took her because He wanted her with him, He wanted her worshipping at the throne and maybe He took her now to protect her from unknown suffering or difficult circumstances that an earthly future may have secretly held had she remained.

Regardless, it wasn't an evil disease that randomly claimed the earthly life of Peggy - it was God who called her home. She is at his feet rejoicing that she was chosen to worship Him face to face while for now we wait behind. To picture her there gives at least temporary relief to the earthly sorrow we now feel. Worship well Peggy - we all love you!

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Deering said...

Well said, Lori. Thank you for that.