Tuesday, February 15, 2011

what I learned today

It never fails, you step out in obedience to lead something and POW you are the one learning the most!

Today as I prepared for the young woman's Bible study I'll lead Thursday night, I read about how both Ruth and Rebekah prepared for their future, not being concerned about their outward appearance or circumstances but focusing totally on their God and His will. It really is quite simple, in all areas of our lives we simply trust God or we don't. We either obey Him or we take matters into our own hands which ALWAYS results in compromise.

To be filled with His Holy Spirit. I desire it - but, am I?

To be filled means you must first be empty. There in lines my problem.

When I stop and examine I am so FULL of duties, desires and goals that I don't think there is hardly an inch for His will...

It is so easy to hide inside my Christianese and not really experience God fully.

As I prepare to lead today - I will first do what I will ask the girls to do Thursday night - identify what fills me and purge it from my life. Will you?

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