Tuesday, February 8, 2011

peaceful existance

Do you ever wonder why we get to live in peace while most of the world is in chaos?

Watching what is going on in Egypt right now makes me so thankful for the amazing county we live in. Despite whatever things you may not love about America - it is a blessing to live here more than any of us will probably ever know.

I just heard one of the reporters who got beat up in Egypt describing the incident. He said, "I just searched the crowd in front of me for one person who looked horrified by what was happening to me and grabbed on to him and begged him to help me." How terrifying would that be?

I don't take my country for granted, I thank God for it and I pray for it and our leaders.

I suspect I will become even more thankful for my country as I travel to Cambodia. My prayer for that trip is simply this, "Dear Lord - teach me what you want me to know about our beautiful orphans and about my responsibility to the rest of the world."

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