Wednesday, February 9, 2011

coffeemate rules!

We started our work day with a free coffee mate party - complete with many breakfast food selections from our amazing Family Ministry Director, Jeanette Chase. Jeanette entered us to win a free party and she got chosen!

The party came complete with free creamers and some prizes for several of us who got chosen to receive even more free
creamer coupons! SO FUN!

We even invited the 'plastic people' who
have been hanging around the office ever since they participated in our Christmas services.

Pictured here is Deering after just a little too much coffee! Save us all!!

In the final picture you can see the plastic people got so excited that they spilled their creamer...can't take them anywhere!

Our staff sincerely appreciates all of Jeanette's fabulous cooking and the efforts to get this party for us!


That One Movie Blog said...

This is so cool- I work as a design coordinator, and I never get to do things this creative!

That One Movie Blog said...

this is so clever! Who doesn't love coffee mate!