Saturday, February 12, 2011

being on a team

I prefer working as a team than alone any day. Sometimes a team you lead takes a lot of guiding, that is tough and takes strength and determination and clarity of vision.

But what I really love is to serve on a team of peers. This is the way work gets done, fun is had and support happens best.

I serve in many capacities at Crossroads Community Church, buy one of my favorites is as one of six Directors. I am the Director of Magnification (programming/creative arts stuff), Wendell Anderson is Director/Spiritual Maturity Pastor, Deering Dyer is our House Church Pastor/Small Group Pastor, Jeanette Chase is our Director of Family Ministries, and my hubby Ron Biddle (extra bonus) is the Director of Membership. Pastor Tim, our Senior Pastor is our leader and we meet each Friday to vision cast for the future, support one another and to work on the day to day projects of the church.

I treasure my time with these people and the fact that they trust me leading part of the church.

Today I came across this quote from Doug Fields, "There’s something about having fun in the context of knowing that you’re loved that adds to the depth and effectiveness of the team. If you just have fun, and it’s not apparent that you’re loved, it can lead to wounding, hurt feelings, and an environment of fear. I don’t know all the elements of building a great team, but I do know two important ones: (1) loving one another & (2) having fun together."

This is how I feel about the Directors at Crossroads as well as the Staff and Elders. We are one big team - all moving in the same direction with a little help from fun along the way!

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