Friday, February 18, 2011

This is Stephanie, "mini me", who I am grooming to learn everything that my job includes.

She is a girl of MANY talents and on this day I snapped a picture of her taping announcements for the weekend in our little studio.

We laughed until we cried, she should be a comedian, and I am anxiously awaiting the final video that will be used this weekend.

Just one more example of the abundance of talent that God has blessed Crossroads with.

I have learned to trust the Lord to always provide the personnel we need at the church, time and time again He provides just the right person at just the right time. That happened again tonight. I was at visiting hours at a local funeral home and ran into a girl from church that I am just getting to know. She told me she would be unable to attend an upcoming workshop due to leading a dance team. As we talked I realized she was working with the exact style dancers I have been trying to locate! So exciting!!

I look forward with anticipation to Stephanie's role this weekend along with all the other amazing volunteers and staff at Crossroads!

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