Saturday, January 1, 2011

simple new year

We began 2011 simply. With friends and family - eating too much, playing euchre and all the while watching required new year TV, Dick Clark and the Rose Parade.

A family member asked me what my New Years Resolution was and I had no answer.

So, am I entering 2011 with no new goals or plans to improve in some way? I plan to give this some thought and prayer. I do think new goals are important mostly because it takes some level of self evaluation to identify what is lacking in your life. But, I hesitate to launch into some new routine just because it is a new year. I would really like to keep it simple in 2011 following a year of college graduations and weddings. A simple new year - sounds so good to me!

I would absolutely love to know if you make resolutions AND if you keep them. Leave us a comment to get the discussion going!


Unknown said...

My Resolution this year is just to "Chill.."

Most things are beyond our control anyway.

Unknown said...

I think for a lot of people, a resolution is only kept for a short time; at which time,it's either forgotten about or failed. We make promises to ourselves that we may not even have intentions of keeping, just because that's what we are supposed to do this time of year.

For me, it's easier to examine life more frequently, change what needs to be changed (and sometimes, change it again). And sometimes I have learned to be happy with some things just the way that they are.