Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rory is coming

I was working on a weekend coming at the end of February today. The weekend that Rory Noland is coming.

Rory was formerly the worship leader for the Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area. He wrote Heart of the Artist, a book that our teams have studied and learned a great deal from. He will be working with all the amazing volunteers at Crossroads that serve in the worship areas. He stressed that I make sure the technical teams, artists, actors, CR teams and youth leaders all be invited.

I believe when we have the privilege of hosting a man of this caliber at Crossroads it does much more than teach us new things. First of all it brings all of our teams together - that is HUGE! Second he encourages us, and I feel encouragement needs to come from the outside occasionally. And what I have found to be true each time a new leader visits Crossroads, he will help us to see what an amazing ministry we truly have! When you are deep in the middle of constantly trying to be creative while remaining true to the Lord and honoring him, it is very difficult to see how much God has blessed us in Crossroads!

So as I work on that weekend, pray with me for our Crossroads teams to soak in the new instruction and encouragement. Pray that we leave that weekend with a renewed calling to lead our congregation toward the Lord each weekend. February is going to be awesome!

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