Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my day off

I went to the doctor only to be told I have arthritis in my knee...PAINFUL! I then FINALLY completed my reorganization of my coupons and began to go to stores.

I highly encourage each of you to go to the Special K website and print off the Buy One Get One Free coupons for Special K if they are still available! Then, go to Rite Aid who has Special K Buy One Get One, use your coupons and pay something like 30 cents a box!

For one dollar today I got 4 boxes of Special K (our favorite!) and two bags of pistachios, AND they gave me 5 - $1 coupons good on my next shopping trip. SO they paid me $4 to buy the cereal and nuts!

I immediately took my 5 - $1 coupons to the next Rite Aid store and bought 2 - $5 boxes of Tylenol pads for sore muscles and arthritis (that word makes me feel SO old!)...I used 2 -$2 off coupons and paid $1.86 after using the 5 -$1 coupons from my last transaction. I believe the product usually sells for $7.99 each! Fun!

Then at home we sorted through the very fullest closet in the entire Biddle household, Eric's! 5 huge piles he is getting rid of and I swear it is still not easy to hang clothes up in his closet. As I sat folding the 2 huge clothes baskets he is taking to Plato's Closet in the hopes of making some cash, I folded only a couple things with tags still on that didn't fit, most were small mens that are just too small and then I found probably 5 shirts from Junior High!! He is now 22 - think it was time to sort??

Each piece of clothing told a story. Navy blue pullover represented the year the kids had to switch to uniforms. I remember amidst all the
complaints of Eric's friends he said to me, "maybe this change will help the girls be more modest in front of us guys!" A moment of wisdom I still obviously remember. Another shirt was worn for a band performance when he played trumpet. Still another was worn for one of the high school proms...Then I came to the vintage clothing, the stuff that looks just like what we wore in the 70's - so many eras and all leaving our home tomorrow.

As I folded I also remembered how many times each piece of clothing was hugged with my boy inside. Those are awesome memories, mostly because the boy in the clothes hugged me back....and still does!

My day off did not go the way I had planned, but ended with accomplishment connected to beautiful memories and days off just don't get better than that!

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