Thursday, January 6, 2011

excited about the weekend

I am looking forward to the weekend services. Our programming meeting always leads of course to discussions about the details of each element including the teaching.

As we discussed the parable of the talents, Milo asked about the servant saying "you reaped what you did not sow"...We then discussed how many assume the third servant was not a believer and thus had no understanding of God's concepts.

We then talked about how in Genesis He promises that we will 'plant and reap' until the earth is no more. The cycle will continue until God decides the earth is no more.

Without a Biblical perspective, the negative worldly information I absorb from the news and reports on TV or in the newspaper, causes me to begin to buy into all the worry and doom and gloom. Global warming and limited resources are in God's hands. We are to be good stewards and care for the things God has blessed us with, but the earth will not end until God says so. It will not be global warming that ends this world, it will be our God - the creator of the world.

It must be so scary and hopeless not knowing the one who holds the universe in His hands!

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