Thursday, January 20, 2011

working ahead - plan

When I know a new series is coming or I know I will be away - I work ahead.

Some people have voiced doubt at whether the Holy Spirit can bless that which is too precisely planned or created too far in advance. I disagree.

As a child of God I feel certain that the same Holy Spirit that is present today with myself and my team at Crossroads as we plan, can reveal what God's will is just as well today as next month. Can a God that created the world and all of us in it not control our thoughts and open our eyes to the exact elements that He wants us to include? I believe He can and will.

In fact, when I work ahead - those plans remain in my mind as I go through my week. And when I know ahead what we are planning I notice things around me that can be added to our plans, or in some cases replace what we originally planned.

I believe as children of God we should work ahead, giving the Lord the opportunity to show us things that will enhance our work. It happens to me over and over again.

When I do not work ahead, I work so frantically on last minute details that many times I miss what God is trying to teach me through my preparation for the services. I LOVE being done early and listening to God for weeks before the service is presented knowing that by the day of the service, we are truly giving Him our very best!

Do you work this way...ahead or behind?

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