Saturday, January 29, 2011

preparing for services

I have fully enjoyed today - a day of completed writing for various websites, finishing a presentation for next week, finishing the ironing and now trying to wrap my focus on tonight and tomorrows services at Crossroads.

This takes intentional preparation in order to be focused before this evening begins. (Focus always takes great effort for me!)

My prayer for our services is that our congregation will take next steps, what ever that looks like in their life. Next steps that lead closer to Jesus.

If we don't prepare well we will distract from the message that is why it is vital to prepare.

This weekend we have the privilege of being lead by the Crossroads youth praise team - the future of Crossroads! So exciting that they are already being developed and trained for serving at Crossroads! I pray that our multi-generational worship will be sweet to the Lord! See you there!

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