Wednesday, January 26, 2011

should a church advertise

In my opinion - ONLY if they are very intelligent and knowledgeable in the area of advertising.

Today I drove by a church whose plastic letter sign said "How Guilty Are You?...worship services at 10:00".

Now, I HIGHLY doubt whether one single person who does not already regularly attend that church would come after reading that sign.

What do you think? Should churches use little quirky advertising slogans, or don't you think it matters?

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Unknown said...

That sign might scare me away even if I were regularly attendng that church. I was listening to the radio this morning and the question was asked, "When talking with people about church, religion, etc., what is the number one feeling or word that is most conjured up"? It was guilt.

We all have guilt in our lives.....guilt over past mistakes, relationships, guilt over current lifestyles or thought patterns, secrets, etc.

When you're searching for a place to belong, you want to feel welcomed, not guilty or condemned before you even walk through the doors.

If a church can effectively advertise a safe place...a place to call home, then, yes.....advertise away. But the best advertisement is a changed life and someone willing to share it.