Thursday, December 30, 2010

hard to put into words

I have been busy today trying to write a script for a video shoot we will be doing on Sunday.

I sometimes have a very difficult time putting my ideas into words, words that other people can understand and follow.

I have frustrated people on previous shoots when I haven't clearly spelled out each and every shot we need. When it isn't well thought out and explained it wastes everyone's time and often results in missing important shots creating holes in the final project. And there is nothing I hate worse than wasting peoples' time or leaving holes.

I have given it my best shot and sent it off to the actors. So once again my work will be out there for all to see. It is hard to put into words how it feels to fail despite trying and equally hard to put into words the feeling when you get it right. When an idea becomes words, then actions and then part of the message that penetrates peoples lives ...well, that is not a feeling at all. It is nothing short of the greatest privilege in my life and only possible when the Holy Spirit becomes involved in all those words.

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