Monday, January 31, 2011


I woke up this morning and decided to try to finish a book I am supposed to be writing a review for. It should have been done before now, but, timing is everything and today is the day!

This book is about our journey and has challenged me on several levels.

I am beginning to understand my kids yearnings away from the trappings of commercialism and settling as I read through this.

I always assumed my kids, especially Eric's tenderness against 'too much', was just the normal kid moving opposite direction of parents thing. But, it's not. It's consistent in him - in both our kids. They seem to get it on a level I don't.

They can follow God and exist with much less than I. Occasional conversations reveal their willingness to simply follow and an uncomfortableness with LARGE anything.

The book talked about God's displeasure with Cain and His love for Abel - the wandering shepherd. He also asked Lot to leave Sodom and be willing to wander. When his wife looked back she was turned into a pillar. I loved this line "The penalty for wanting to be a settler is that you become one." She looked back, not wanting to leave her comfortable life behind - not wanting to be a wanderer and God left her there.

This line in the book was buried in the middle of a large paragraph but it jumped from the pages at me. In many ways lately I feel I have settled. Have you ever felt that way, as if there has to be more? What am I missing? What do you want God?

I am willing to wander for the Lord - whatever that means. I don't have to be comfortable to serve Him - eternity is coming ever closer and as my life minutes move me closer toward it my life must be worthy of the Savior. I do not want to lay a big closet, nice house and stuff at His feet.

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